Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Trailer Trash

Some trailers to some beautiful films.

Although I haven't seen Black Swan yet, the beauty and feel of the trailer seems to sell it perfectly. I like how film trailers these days are cared for almost as much as the film. They often come out as pure advertisement but some of the best can really speak to you. I watch a lot of trailers for older films and when I see the movie, its very different. The Virgin Suicides, for example is a film about pain and beauty and youth, it's about the lisbon girls and the whole film is a dreamy vision loveably created by Sofia Coppola, but the trailer tells a story of the boy's obsession with girls and tells us its a tale of sex and obsession. Notes of which are expressed in the film but are not the art work's meaning, in the book or film form. The book by Jeffrey Eugenides is really good by the way.
Anyway, excuse my rant and I hope you enjoy the trailer trash.

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